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14 hours ago

Woods Of Terror

Final projects are due today in Terror School, but where's RelLik Da KilLer KloWn?

Get your tickets online at woodsofterror.com/tickets/

[First section inaudible. High pitched ringing and muffled mumbling]

RAGGY screams in despair

LUCY LUCIFER: And that's how you terrorize our guests!

BONE DADDY: Thank you Lucy for that wonderful report. You have perfected the art of the scare.

[As LUCY tries to give BONE DADDY her paper]

BONE DADDY: You can keep it.

[As RELLIK appears on screen, BONE DADDY can be heard in the background...]

BONE DADDY: Rellik, it's about time you showed up. It's your turn.

RELLIK: Well with demons, and clowns, and dolls...this is the scariest place I know.

[RELLIK clicks heels]

RELLIK: There's no place like home!

Directed & Edited by Sullivan Productions
- Instagram: www.instagram.com/sullivvn
- YouTube: bit.ly/2FObpzj
- Website: www.sullivvn.com
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I loveeee these videos and all the characters. Im not much on haunted trails but i totally wish you guys had a TV show!

Perfection as always!

This commercial was way scarier than the haunt I went to last Saturday. I wished I had ruby slippers on while standing in that long boring cattle line, I would have most definitely clicked my heels and came home to WOT!! Karen Shockley

My favorite part is to be continued because theres gonna be another part cant wait

Love it 🤪🤮🤡✂️✂️✂️

Love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love you Rellik! 🖤

Where oh where did relik go!

The cam Newton spoof was pretty good not gonna lie

Any subtitle or transcript?


Michael Strickland

I wonder if they put him in a dress to match the part. That would be funny lol

You sure you don’t wanna go baby Lily Juarez

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1 ticket gets you 13 haunted attractions. Woods of Terror is the scariest in NC. 3D Clowns, Zombies, Slashers, Ghosts, Demons, Ghouls, Screams, The Darn Terror You've Felt. For the Brave Only. Real Terror. Scariest Haunt in NC.

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